The realities of being the ‘fat’ girl, body dysmorphia, and mending my relationship with food

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The ‘F’ word ruined my life for as long as I can remember.

As a very small child, I’d always been relatively underweight. I was a small toddler, and even smaller in the weird, liminal space between nursery/ pre-school and primary school. I was an active kid. …

How much are you unknowingly depositing into your bank of trauma?

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We’re all pretty broken people.

Renee, you’ve started again. I’ve literally just started reading the first sentence. Yet, here you are. Showing me my own backside. Yet again.

I honestly have to keep promising that I do these things out of love. Usually, I share the things I’ve experienced first-hand…

Conventional wisdom says find a lane and stay in it — here’s why you shouldn’t.

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Renee, what do you do?

The perennial question always used to bring me great anxiety. My brow would furrow, followed by a sharp intake of breath and an apologetic smile.

“I err, I do a lot of things.” I’d manage to stammer, usually followed by a confused smile on the…

Renée Kapuku

Straight-talking Londoner with a passion for personal growth. Wellness, education, lifestyle. 💌

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